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Over and Above the Fireplace

Finding Your Mantles Muse

A fireplace easily becomes the  focal point of any room, especially during chilly winter evenings and holiday celebrations, so what you hang above and around  your fireplace will set the mood for many events to come, big or small. 

(Image by amyepeters.ca )

 A mirror above a fireplace creates a perfect accent, adding a subtle ambiance to the warm glow of a crackling fire. 

(Image by Anthropologie Home)

Mirrors add sparkling drama to a room and when they are placed high on the wall, they draw the eye upward, giving the impression of a higher ceiling.  

Image by Jennifer Worts Design

A painting or print, with a palette that reaches out to your home decor will enhance the vibrancy of your room. 

 Image by Mark Lohman, Stylist: Sunday Hendrickson

If you want to be a little rebellious then opt for something that contrasts with the general vibe of the room. 

 Image by thefrenchprovincialfurniture.com 

TIP: To create a gallery effect, install a picture light above your artwork, or if a casual vibe is what you’re looking for, then lean the artwork or mirror, against the wall rather than hanging it in the traditional way. 

Image by  http://47parkav.blogspot.com/ 

Seasonal artwork above a mantle can be a joyful way to bring the outside into your home.

Be the light and cast the shadow.....